Gutters and Spouts

Prevent roof and structural damage. All while leaving your landscape in pristine condition.

What Exactly Are Gutters & DownSpouts?

Gutters & downspouts are metal barriers placed around the perimeter of the roof to help guide rainfall appropriately and reduce damage to your landscaping, home, and roof. They help catch runoff from the roof and then guide them to the downspout, where the water is then expelled onto a designated area of your property to help minimize any chance or soil erosion or water damage. It is important to have these professionally installed so that your landscape, roof, and the foundation of your home are protected. While they are often a forgotten part of the home, the absence of gutters & downspouts can wreak havoc on your home and yard and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Our Gutters and Spouts Services

  • Gutter Repair/ Replacement

  • Gutter Installation

  • Downspout Repair/Replacement

  • Downspout Installation

Why are Gutters & Downspouts so important?

Mentioned above, gutters & downspouts are often forgotten about. However, they play a very important role in protecting your home and property. Without gutter & donwspouts you could face thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home and property. Landscaping damage, roof damage, and structural damage are the most common damages seen when homeowners forget to have gutters & downspouts installed. Landscaping Damage Over time, the constant downpour of water onto your yard will slowly destroy your landscaping. Even worse, it will erode away the nutrients from your soil making it difficult to fix after the damage has been done. If you have suffered landscaping damage, JP HomeBuilders can help you repair this with our experienced and professional landscaping professionals. Roof Damage Whether from rain or snow, pooling water can cause damage to your roof if it has nowhere to drain to. Gutters & downspouts help to remove this water from the roof and keep it protected. If your roof has suffered water damage due to a lack of gutters or downspouts, we have experienced roofers who can help fix this damage. Structural Damage Water damage is a common result of neglecting to install gutters & downspouts. This occurs when the water is not expelled off the roof and away from the home. Over time, it seeps into the walls of the home, leading to mold and other types of water damage. JP HomeBuilders has employees who excel in all areas of home repair and remodeling. If your home has suffered structural water damage, call us and let us help you out.

Why JP HomeBuilders?

At JP HomeBuilders, we don’t just install your gutters & downspouts and then walk away. We ensure that the work we provide is of the highest quality and we trust it so much that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What does this mean? It means if your gutters are not installed appropriately, or do not work to your satisfaction, we guarantee that we will come and remedy the issue with no cost to you. We also carry insurance and licensing to protect you from any financial damage that might occur during installation. We are one of the most trusted companies in the Cedar Rapids and Marion area, providing services to our clients within a 30-mile radius.